Armed Forces

The success of every nation lies within the people in its boundaries. These people spend countless years of service into developing their nation into a powerhouse. Each nation has security capabilities on land, water, and air. The forces of a nation are divided into different sectors but who is handling the security on land? To answer that the one responsible for the security of the people and the nation on land is the Army.

The army or the armed forces is the one responsible for all the military interaction on land. They are organized and well equipped to handle anything military related. Their purpose is to preserve the safety and security of every citizen within the jurisdiction of the nation. But they can also be deployed on foreign lands still under the management of its nation.

The army can have subdivisions, the Special Forces and the Rangers. Both of which undergoes the most grueling and upgraded training regime to prepare them into becoming the elite. Both these regimens can be assigned on foreign lands to conduct missions for the benefit of their nation. They work on small teams but can reap success in their missions.

Everybody thinks that serving in the army is a burden, but it is not. Aside from working for your beloved nation, you are also gaining several benefits from the government that you are under on. This benefits can even extend up to your retirement. So being a soldier, being able to serve your country reaps several rewards and to top that is the pride you bring for your country. Those hard earned medals are nothing to the pride and honor that you bring to your country.

Being able to serve in the army is a great feeling for some people because this brings them the joy to serve their nation. Salute to the soldiers!