Armed Forces

The success of every nation lies within the people in its boundaries. These people spend countless years of service into developing their nation into a powerhouse. Each nation has security capabilities on land, water, and air. The forces of a nation are divided into different sectors but who is handling the security on land? ToRead moreRead more

Army Benefits

Different countries have armed forces. These people do their job protecting the state and the citizens within. They work under harsh conditions but still give their best in their line of work. But aside from bringing the honor and pride to the family and the nation, what the other benefits that the army gets are?Read moreRead more

Logistics Army Officer

An army is an excellent group of people that is willing to defend their nation against foreign and local attacks. They are commended for their service and awarded in several recognitions because of their heroic acts. We all know that in the army, there are several officers in a charge ranging from general to sergeant.Read moreRead more

Logistics in the Military Forces

There are many branches in the army; some of them are the marines, coast guards, and air force. All of which work as a unit for the succession of the mission. Every mission needs essential and sufficient supplies for it to become a success. But what division or branch of the armed forces is responsibleRead moreRead more